Women's Leadership Committee

The Women's Leadership Committee is an initiative by WCMA aimed at the development and support of emerging and existing women professionals in local government.  The committee will foster and enhance the profession through the following initiatives:

  • Provide leadership, growth and development opportunities for women across the state to come together and support & learn from each other;
  • Promote professional development/training/support for women in the profession;
  • Collaborate/support the Emerging Leaders Committee;
  • Plan opportunities for women leaders to build and develop relationships;
  • Assist Regional Coordinators with meeting educational needs of women leaders;
  • Develop high quality professional development sessions;
  • Partner with other public sector associations if it is beneficial to both associations;
  • Mentoring and support for women leaders facing challenges in the profession;
  • Collaborate with Membership Development and Services and Emerging Leader Committee to ensure success of coaching program for WCMA
Sharon Eveland, Chair
Kathryn Schauf, Vice Chair

Committee Members:
Tracy Carlson, Inga Cushman, Sarah Danz, Rebecca Ewald, Jami Gebert, KateLynn Harrigan, Jennifer Keller, Rebecca LeMire, Lori Luther, Nicola Maurer, Gaylene Rhoden, Kayla Thorpe, Dawn Wagner, and Diane Wessel