Ethics Committee

Committee Objectives:

  • Review and make disciplinary recommendations regarding ethics complaints filed against members;
  • Answer ethics questions that members may have (work with ICMA as necessary);
  • Work to insure high quality ethics amongst members; and
  • Make recommendations to the Professional Development Committee on ethics training sessions

The rules and procedures for enforcing the WCMA Code of Ethics can be found

The WCMA Code of Ethics which is the ICMA Code of Ethics can be found here:

Tami Mayzik, Chair;
Diane Wessel, Vice-Chair

Committee Members:
Steve Barg, Casey Bradley, Patrick Brever, Cameron Clapper, Bradley Hanson, Michael Hawes, Will Jones, Alex Kaker, Scott Kluver, Shawn Murphy, Aaron Oppenheimer, Aaron Reeves, Peggy Steeno, Kayla Thorpe, and Brian Wilson