Conference Planning Committee

Committee Objectives:

  • Work with the Executive Director to plan the annual conferences and professional development events;
  • Develop list of topics;
  • Develop a list of speakers/presenters;
  • Assist at the conferences as needed;
  • Assist Regional Coordinators with educational needs for regions;
  • Provide webinars for training;
  • Work with other Professional Organizations to conduct joint training sessions/topics;
  • Provide education, resources and/or volunteers to local schools and colleges & universities; and
  • Develop a communications plan for organization

Matt Heiser, Chair

Committee Members:
Pallin Allen, Brandon Bledsoe, Travis Coenen, Richard Downey, Benjamin Krumenauer, John Major, Andrew Mayo, Cory Poris Plasch, Gerianne Prom, Mark Rohloff, Adam Ruechel, Brian Ruechel, and Chris Swartz