About Professional Municipal Management


One of the purposes of the Wisconsin City/County Management Association is to promote efficient democratic local government in Wisconsin.

We believe that the most efficient and democratic form of local government is the council-manager form, in which day-to-day operations are conducted by an appointed professional administrator.


Communities with appointed administrators often have lower tax rates, provide more efficient services, have fewer personnel problems, and relieve elected officials of administrative tasks so they can focus on policy matters and long-range planning.

The Need for Professional Municipal Administration

Local governments are complex organizations that require expertise in personnel, planning, finance, and intergovernmental relations and an administrative structure that provides coordination of municipal services.

Communities throughout Wisconsin are increasingly facing global economic competition. Their abilities to compete depend not only on private sector initiatives, but on sophisticated and aggressive public efforts as well.

The need for professional municipal administration is not a matter of the failure of local government, but rather of adapting to changing conditions by increasing the capacity of municipalities to provide effective and efficient service.

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