Request for Proposals

Village of Bellevue-Staffing Level Analysis and Recommendations 

The Village of Bellevue, Wisconsin is seeking consulting services to complete a staffing analysis to help determine the appropriate level of staff for the functional areas of community development, public works, cultural resources (parks, recreation, forestry), general government, and utilities (storm, water, sanitary).

The Village of Bellevue is undertaking a staffing analysis to determine the appropriate staffing level for the organization to meet its core service and operational requirements, and to develop a staffing matrix to direct future staffing levels as the Village continues to grow and as service levels change.   

The Village recognizes that staffing must consider mandated standards and reporting, service expectations to the community, priorities defined by the Village Board with input from the community, and budgetary impacts.

The Village desires proposals for an amount not to exceed a specified dollar figure.  The proposal submitted should cover all expenses related to the project.  Favorable pricing, experience of the firm, qualifications, experience and ability of assigned staff, resources, ingenuity, completeness and detail of the level of service proposed, and timeliness of the service proposed will be significant factors in award of this contract. 

NAME OF THE PROPOSALS:      Bellevue Staffing Analysis

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTAL:       Friday, June 11, 2021 11:00 am CST

PROPOSALS SUBMITTED TO:      Village of Bellevue Staffing Analysis

                                                Attn: Diane Wessel

                                                2828 Allouez Ave

                                                Green Bay, WI 54311

CONTACT PERSON:                 Diane Wessel, Administrator



OPENING:                                Friday, Jun 11, 2021 at 11:00 am CST  


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