Grant Proposal Criteria

WCMA Scholar Internship Grant Proposal Criteria

If you are interested in participating in the WCMA Scholar Internship Grant Program, please prepare a proposal that addresses the following items:
  • The population of your community based on the latest Department of Administration estimates
  • Statement of commitment and ability to provide a financial match of up to $2,000 to the WCMA scholarship funds designated for the internship and the time period the intern will be employed
  • What the student can learn from an internship with your city, village, town, or county
  • Provide a detailed description of the intern's proposed duties, responsibilities, and/or special projects
  • Indicate who will provide immediate supervision for the intern
  • Provide a detailed description of the training and development opportunities that may be provided to the intern
    • This may include formal training programs or events; however, please also outline opportunities such as providing the intern with an assigned mentor, regularly scheduled meetings with the city manager, attending management team meetings, attending city council meetings and board / commission meetings, participating on inter-departmental teams, attending regional organization events or meetings, community tours and ride alongs, meetings, etc.
  • Please note any potential obstacles to a successful internship with your city, village, town, or county and how you plan to address these issues
    • For example, if housing availability is a concern, describe any assistance that can be given to help the intern locate affordable, temporary housing if required
  • Provide any additional information about your city, village, town, or county's ability to provide a meaningful experience for the intern and what the intern's assistance will mean to your city, town, or county.

The studnet/intern must prepare an end of internship report to be shared with WCMA membership illustrating the results and work product of the internship for possible use by WCMA members
Internship City, Village, Town, or County Selection
  • Eligible communities are asked to submit an internship proposal to the WCMA Scholarship Committee at the address listed below.
  • The Scholarship Committee will review the proposals based on the criteria set forth below.
  • WCMA staff will inform the communities of their selection and ranking. In the event the highest ranked municipality is not able to fulfill the financial commitment to match the WCMA amount, the next highest ranked agency will be contacted. In the event multiple scholarships are available, WCMA staff will contact the top ranking communities equal to the number of scholarships available.
  • WCMA will provide the host agency with a check in the amount of the grant award, not to exceed $2,000, to be matched by the host community. The host agency and the intern will determine the appropriate start and end dates for the internship, work schedule, and pay rate, based on the total internship budget (which may be greater than $4,000, based on the duration and budget of the host community - - - however, the WCMA funded sponsorship shall not exceed $2,000 regardless of the overall host community budget). WCMA funds are to be used solely for this program. Payment to the community by WCMA will be made upon verification to WCMA that the successful municipality has hired an intern. The internship program can be used to sustain an existing internship position; however, priority will be given to new internship positions in the organization. Internships shall take place during the calendar year in which the scholarship grant has been provided.

Please submit your WCMA Scholar Internship Program Proposal to:
Dawn Peters
Executive Director
148 N 3rd Street
DeKalb, IL  60115