WCMA Internship Grant Program

Statement of Policy Purpose

The WCMA Board of Directors has identified the importance of preparing the next generation of public managers for the responsibility of leading our public institutions. Preparation through internships within local governments will inspire students to learn about the profession and potentially devote their careers to public service. In addition, the valuable experience provided through internships will prepare these individuals for the challenges and opportunities of a career in public service.

Overview of Internship Programs

WCMA provides funding for two separate internship programs.

The first is an internship for undergraduate students seeking experience in a municipal organization. The purpose of the program is to introduce students to the profession. WCMA will provide funding which must be matched by the local municipality. WCMA encourages the creation of a sustainable undergraduate internship program to attract top talent into the profession. However, the municipality that is applying does not have to create an internship program to qualify for the grant. This could be for a onetime internship within the municipality.

The second program is designed for students at the graduate school level and is program based. WCMA will provide funding in its annual budget to assist municipalities with creating internship programs that continue beyond the tenure of an individual student. The funding would be greater in the initial year and decrease in each sequential year to assist the municipality with phasing the program into their annual budget. Funding for year one will be $4000; funding in year two will be $3000; and funding in year three will be $2000.

About the WCMA Scholarship Recipient

The WCMA Scholar Internship honors exemplary undergraduate and graduate students who aspire to a career in local government management. Each year, WCMA will award Internship Grants at both the undergraduate and graduate level to a community for an undergraduate student or public administration graduate student enrolled at an accredited university. To be eligible for the graduate program internship, students must be enrolled in or accepted into a graduate program geared towards local government management. Municipalities are responsible for selecting their own intern who meets the criteria.
In addition to the opportunity to intern with a municipality, the WCMA will provide a complimentary registration for the intern to attend the WCMA Winter or Summer Conference should either of those events occur during the internship period. The Sponsor is responsible for any travel costs.

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