2021 Mini Winter Conference

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The WCMA Winter Conference is going virtual for 2021. Join your WCMA colleagues for a day of great educational sessions put together by your WCMA Conference Committee. 

February 19, 2021

Conference Schedule

10 AM Welcome & Opening Keynote

saddoffpresented by Aaron Sadoff, Superintendent at the School District of North Fond du Lac. 

Harnessing the technology of Happiness takes dedication, discipline and a smile. This presentation focuses on developing a base with specific actions and mind-sets that will change instantly the way one interacts with the world. Taking in environmental energy, using the power of perspective, insight and experience, then using that energy to make not only one’s life better, but others too! 

Addresses ICMA Practice Area 12 Personal Resiliency and Development

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM – League of Wisconsin Municipalities and Wisconsin Counties Association Legislative Update
presented by Mark O’Connell, Executive Director, Wisconsin Counties Association and Jerry Deschane, Executive Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

This session will feature a tandem review of where our esteemed colleagues from the LWM and WCA see the next legislative session heading and how it will impact counties and municipalities. It will include the impact of the 2 major issues that evolved from 2020; the pandemic and social justice.

12:15 - 1:15 PM  Virtual Lunch and WCMA Business Meeting 

1:30 - 2:45 PM "Community Conversations around Inclusion"

Souffrant headshotpresented by Dr. Djoly Souffrant, President, Djoly Souffrant, LLC

The events of 2020 have placed Municipalities of all sizes in a world of uncertainty and complexity in one of the most rapidly changing environments in recent history. Every generation that enters the workplace, changes the workplace culture and expectations. Participants of “Community Conversations around Inclusion” training will learn how to effectively cultivate an inclusive environment and allow open conversation that accommodates the differences among every individual. Additionally, they will walk away with the leadership behaviors and characteristics that can transform employee engagement and their municipality.

Addresses ICMA Practice Areas 2 Community Engagement and 3 Equity and Inclusion

3:00 – 4:00 PM - Municipal Debt Issuance in the COVID Economy
presented by Justin Fischer, Director-Public Finance, Robert W. Baird & Co., Kevin Mullen, Director-Public Finance, Robert W. Baird & Co., Bryan P. Derdenger, Municipal Underwriting, Robert W. Baird & Co.

Creating a well thought out debt plan is a critical part of your overall budget development and tax levy. This session will focus on different funding methods, debt structures, building a financing plan and team, bond credit ratings, bond underwriting and financial strategies to help your community get through COVID-19. A common question we receive is, ”Who buys our bonds?”. This presentation will address that question along with many others. It is intended to cover the steps and considerations a governmental entity should consider when issuing debt.

Addresses ICMA Practice Area 12 Financial Management and Budgeting

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