Transforming cities for the better through sustainable technology

The megatrends urbanization, climate change, globalization and demographic change will shape the future of cities. With the need to improve the quality of life and economic competitiveness, cities have to become more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly. Technologies are major levers for sustainable city development. Effective infrastructure contributes to economic prosperity and an improved quality of life. The complexity involved requires both a holistic view and sustainable solutions. Siemens has the portfolio, know-how, and consulting expertise to make cities more livable, competitive, and sustainable
Siemens Solutions offer:
• State-of-the-art Equipment upgrades
• High-performance, sustainable buildings
• Facility investments paid for through energy savings
• Improved occupant environment and comfort
• Renewables, street/traffic lighting, water meters, municipal solid waste-to-energy, and biomass

Contact Information

Josh Hounsell

WI K12/Higher Ed Business Consultant/Local Government  

P: (920) 540-3286