Women in the Profession

  • Provide leadership, growth and development opportunities for women across the state to come together and support & learn from each other
  • Promote professional development/training/support for women in the profession
  • Collaborate/support the Emerging Leaders Committee
  • Plan opportunities for Women Leaders to build & develop relationships
  • Assist Regional Coordinators with meeting educational needs of women leaders
  • Mentoring and support for Women Leaders facing challenges in the profession
Dawn Wagner, Chair Caitlin Stene, Vice-Chair
Inga Cushman, Michelle Tucker, Rebecca Grill, April Little, KateLynn Schmitt, Shellie Benish, Sara Schnoor, Jamie Ludovic, Lori Luther, Rebecca LeMire, Sarah Danz, Sharon Eveland, Sarah Danz, Colleen Landisch-Hansen, Dave DeAngelis, Rachel Reiss, Gaylene Rhoden, Heidi Voorhees