WCMA Membership Categories

Voting Memberships

Full Membership-voting membership, full time administrative head of local government: Dues 0.15% of salary with a minimum of $60 and a maximum of $262.50.

Assistant Membership-voting membership, full time administrative assistant, assistant city/county manager or administrator, management analyst, assistant to manager/administrator: Dues $50.00

Non-Voting Memberships

Affiliate Membership
-any person who has an interest in professional local government management but is not eligible to apply for membership as a Voting Member shall be eligible to apply for this classification: Dues $75.00

Consulting Membership
-those interested in cooperating with practicing administrators in the advancement of professional knowledge, such as individuals employed by private companies: Dues $350.00

Student Membership
- students enrolled in an academic program at any college or university pursuing a degree in public administration or related fields, or interested in pursuing a degree in local government management: Dues $20.00

Academic Membership
- university or college professors or academics: Dues $25.00

Honorary Membership
- Individuals chosen for distinguished service to professional municipal management in Wisconsin: No charge.

Life Memberships - retired from the local government management profession and have completed 25 years of membership, and, for those same 25 years, have been eligible to be an officer of the association. Also, full members who have been eligible to be an officer of the association for at least 15 years and retire from active service with a local government at age 65 or older are eligible for life membership: No charge.

More Information

For more information, please contact WCMA at: 815-753-5230 or contact@wcma-wi.org